CBE Library

About the Library:

The library of the Central Bank of Egypt is considered one of the oldest and most important libraries specialized in the fields of banking and economics. Since its establishment, the library has been an affiliate of the Economic Research Sector in the CBE.

Library Collections:

The library contains electronic and printed books, specialized periodicals, and newspapers in both Arabic and English languages. Moreover, it is keen to provide access to databases related to economics and its branches:

    • Around 7093 Arabic books and 11926 English books.
    • Reference sources (theses, dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias).
    • Bank' reports and publications in Egypt and the world.
    • Publications of international institutions (IMF, the World Bank,...etc.)
    • Arabic and English daily newspapers and specialized periodicals.
    • A comprehensive archive of CBE publications (monthly bulletins, economic reviews, annual reports, and external positions) since their first issue to date.
    • Specialized electronic databases.

Library Beneficiaries:

The library provides its services mainly to CBE staff, the employees of the Egyptian banking sector, students, and researchers in the field of economics and its branches. Areas covered by the Library:

    • Economics and its branches;
    • Business administration;
    • Management;
    • Human resources;
    • Trade;
    • Money and banking;
    • Accounting;
    • Mathematics;
    • Statistics; and
    • Economic development.

Services Offered by the Library:


The library boasts a huge collection of over 19000 titles (7093 books in Arabic and 11926 books in English), in addition to a variety of collection of specialized scientific periodicals, theses and references. library patrons can benefit from such collections onsite during the working hours of the library from 8 am till 3 pm. Library services are offered to all employees of CBE, and the banking sector, as well as to researchers and university students in Egypt or from abroad.

Electronic Index:

It is one of the subsystems of the library's advanced system. This electronic index is connected to the Library's database which enables patrons to run a search in all the Library collections, whether for a certain topic or author, without the need to go through shelves. The electronic system enables the user to print the search results.

Borrowing Privileges: (Restricted to CBE staff)

The library offers borrowing privileges only to CBE staff. This service is restricted only to books and does not cover periodicals or references. The user has the privilege of borrowing up to 3 books at a time for a loan period of 15 days, which can be renewed only once.

    • The borrower fills out the borrowing application form, including both borrower's and the book's data. He/she should sign the borrowing card attached to the back of the book.
    • The application form is attached with the card and both are kept in the library.
    • The borrowing data are registered on the library's electronic system.

Database Service:

The library subscribes and provides access to a number of online local and international specialized databases, covering economics with its different branches, including the following databases:

  • Egypt Intranet Database – The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics.
  • The Union of Arab Banks Database – DIC.
  • J-stor.
  • The Central Banking Database.
  • The Banker's Almanac Database.
  • Fitch Ratings Database.
  • The IMF Database.
  • Access to the above databases is available either in the library or outside it.

    Periodicals, Theses and Reports services:

    Mindful of the importance of periodicals and reports to the research community, the CBE's library is keen to offer valuable collections of periodicals and reports. The library has a collection of about 218 Arabic and foreign periodicals:

      • Econometrics Journal.
      • Quarterly Journal of Economics.
      • IMF Staff Papers.
      • Central Banking Quarterly Journal.
      • Union of Arab Banks.
      • Egyptian Journal of Development and Planning.
      • Journal of Arab Economic Unity.
      • Journal of the Faculty of Commerce.
      • Other periodicals, reports, theses and bulletins.

    Internet Service:

    The library also offers the internet service through nine computers designated only for this purpose located in the internet hall at the library.