Project Risk

Project Risk Management aims to ensure the optimal utilization of available resources by coordinating and organizing various project activities and prioritizing them together with concerned departments to mitigate projects' associated risks and to support and achieve the objectives of the CBE using best practices and highest quality standards.

The work scope of the Department includes defining criteria for different projects by providing a framework of performance measurement based on the objectives, in addition to coordinating and arranging the implementation of these projects according to priorities, purposes and strategic plan, through:

  • Setting priorities, objectives and project budget in coordination with the project owner department and present them to senior management for initial approval.
  • ​​​​​Coordinating with different CBE Risk Management departments to assess the projects' expected risks and feasibility of implementation.
  • Preparing required detailed information for all the CBE's projects
  • Ensuring that the project product/service meets the CBE's requirements before implementation in order to protect the CBE's reputation
  • Achieving the optimal benefit of available resources
  • Guaranteeing that the project scope covers all the requirements that lead to successful implementation
  • Ensuring that the project outputs achieve the desired objectives and the targeted quality level.
  • Following up and reviewing the interim projects outputs (i.e. contracts, time plan, work plan, etc.)
  • Accurately identifying the major factors that will impact any project.
  • Ensuring completion of the project within the set timeframe.
  • Improving decision-making process via enhanced data access mechanisms.
  • Providing periodic follow-up reports that present current situation, objectives achievement and the percentage of completion.
  • Alert management of issues that requires direct intervention, and propose solutions and corrective actions
  • Measuring project performance, and prepare necessary reports​