Central Credit Registry

The CCR was established in accordance with articles 65, 66, 67 of law 88 for year 2003 with the objective of regulating the legal framework for collecting the data of credit facilities extended by banks, mortgage and leasing companies to their customers.

The department's objectives:

  1. The central credit registry department aims at providing collective positions of banks' customers that include all data and information about them and their related parties (whether performing or non performing).with financing facilities of 30 thousands pounds or more. The CCR also covers non-performing customers and those with consumer loans less than 30 thousand pounds. This is done with the purpose of providing banks with the customer's consolidated positions to help them in their credit granting, renewal and increase decisions. 
  2. The department provides a range of prudential reports to ensure the compliance of banks with the rules governing the credit registry system in central bank of Egypt. 
  3. The department provides the top management with reports that help in the decision making process. Some of these reports show the utilization of credit facilities provided to the banking sector accompanied by detailed tables with the balances distributed according to the banking groups, types of guarantees, the various sectors of legal forms and geographical distribution. 
  4. Providing the off and on-site departments with the data needed about customers.

Sections of the department:

The department consists of the following six sub-departments:

    • The customer data department
    • The revision department
    • The sight department
    • The control department
    • The follow up and studies department
    • The statistics department

The department aims at developing the credit registry system of the central bank of Egypt in order to be more effective, transparent and accordingly raising the efficiency of performance, the soundness of the banking system and its ability to manage risks.

The department has developed the following:

  1. Update economic sectors of the bank's customers, according to the international classification (ISIC) applied by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics
  2. On site inspections for banks in accordance with the plan of the banking and supervision sector to check their compliance with the regulations and decisions issued by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank regarding the rules governing the registration system of credit. In addition to correcting a lot of information and data sent from the banks and accordingly reaching more disclosure and transparency about the customer's consolidated positions with the aim of helping banks in their decision making process to grant credit facilities.
  3. Requiring banks to send monthly statements of the "Obligor Risk Rating" (ORR) of their clients.
  4. Preparing templates and follow up on the implementation of the CBE BOD decision dated 3 January 2012 amending the Credit Registry system rules particularly those related to non–performing clients including the rules regarding posting clients in the negative list.