About Basel Sector

The establishment of Basel sector considered as part of pursuing to apply the best international practices of the core principles released by Basel committee for banking supervision to be implemented on banks operating in Egypt, especially quantitative and qualitative standards for risk management and the basic principles of effective banking supervision.

The main goals of Basel sector stated as follows:

  1. Follow up the important releases of Basel Committee for Banking supervision on a regular basis to have a knowledge about the most recent enhancements and check possibility to implement them on banks operating in Egypt giving attention to ensure compatibility with their characteristics in the light of facilitation and consultation with banks which copes with the central bank's strategy in that matter.
  2. Update and amend the recommendations previously issued by the Basel Committee in cooperation with some external bodies such as the Bank for International Settlements, European and international central banks and international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the Arab Monetary Fund.
  3. Preparing and providing crucially important training courses to transfer knowledge and share experiences in the field of Basel implementation with the Egyptian banks' staff, in addition, hone the skills of the banking cadres working in the central banks of the Arabs and friendly countries, particularly  African nations, in coordination with the Egyptian Banking Institute , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of International Cooperation.
  4. The sector is assigned additional work related to banking, economic or legal issues submitted by various governmental, private or external entities. In some occasions the Basel sector contributes with other departments to accomplish the tasks or through the formation of committees with a specific purpose.